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My Foster Journey

I had been wondering how I could help animals in need, so after chatting to a friend who fostered for the Cats Protection, I jumped at the chance to get involved.

My first cat was Leo, a stray who had been injured whilst fighting.  He had a cut from his neck right up to his ear, it was flyblown and in a terrible state. The vet cleaned and stitched the wound and neutered him at the same time.  After asking around, I discovered Leo was 10 years old and had been fending for himself for 8 years, ever since his owner died.  Some kind ladies were looking out for him and managed to catch him when they noticed he needed treatment.

On the first night I feared the worst, as Leo slept in his litter tray, frightened and barely able to move.  I spent the following days coaxing him to leave the tray, cleaning his wounds and hand feeding him as he was so weak.

A week later he finally purred for the first time, which made me cry. Leo was confined to a crate for many weeks as he was so weak.  As time went by he gradually gained strength and began to trust me. He enjoyed being fussed and even playing with toys. Sadly Leo caught FIV and took even longer to recover.

Next Leo needed dental treatment as he could only eat on one side of his mouth. I felt terrible about putting him through another ordeal but knew he was in safe hands. During his stay, everyone at the vets fell in love with him!

Eventually Leo was well enough to be adopted. I was overjoyed that Leo was going to find the Happy Ending he deserved after so many years struggling as a stray.  Fostering Leo has changed my life as although heart-rending at times, it was such a rewarding experience.

To find out more about neutering or the charity’s work visit  www.cat.org.uk  or contact us