Lost and Found

If you have lost or found a cat email us details and a picture and we can feature it on this page -
or phone us on 01708 755211

Lost Cats - we would recommend that you check the following:
•All local shelters as well as ours
•Local vets
•Look for found posters in the area that the cat went missing
•Place lost posters in the area that the cat went missing
•Check garages, sheds, workshops etc in the area
•Speak to your immediate neighbours and ask them to check their sheds, garages etc. Ask local paperboys, postmen etc.
Found Cats - we would ask that you do the following:
•Register your cat as lost with all the local rescue shelters in the area
•Contact local vets
•Consider placing advertisments locally
•Ask around in the local area
If your cat is micro-chipped, then call one of the national registers:
•Petlog - on 0870 606 6751
•Animalcare (identitychip) - on 01904 487 600
Microchipping is a great way to ensure that your cat is easily traced back to you if lost. If your cat is currently not microchipped, then speak to your local vet - they can do this for a small cost!
Other organisations that could help are:
•RSPCA - 08705 555 999 - www.rspca.org.uk
•Petsearch Website - www.ukpetsearch.freeuk.com
•Blue Cross - www.bluecross.org.uk
•Havering Council - 01708 432563
•Cats Protection Thurrock - 01375 892806
•Cats Protection Basildon - http://www.bascats.org.uk/
Don't give up hope. Cats will often go to ground for a few days if they have had a fright and have no sense of time. Many of the cats we have reunited with their owners have been missing from home for at least 4 weeks. And when your cat does come home don't forget to take down your posters and ring the people who you have registered your cat lost with.