Adopt a cat

Thank you for visiting this page that shows some of the many cats and kittens available for homing.


We’re keen to help as many cats as possible, both during the current crisis and beyond.  Offering a home to one of our cats will help to free more space to take in urgent cases.

We have put in place procedures to make sure that our homing process is in line with current government guidance and to ensure that neither adopters nor our volunteers are put at risk.

Here are the steps to adopting a cat using hands-free homing:

•    Check that you are within a reasonable distance of our Branch.  You can find your nearest branch by typing in your postcode at

•    Enquire.  If you’ve seen a cat on our website that you’re interested in homing, send an enquiry through by email to or call us on 0333 567 4746.

•    Reserve your cat.  If you’re found to be a match for your chosen cat, you’ll be contacted via phone or email.  You may be asked for proof of your address and the consent of your landlord (if you live in a rented property).

•    Adopt.  Once you have reserved your cat, you’ll be sent paperwork to sign and you’ll make a further telephone appointment with our team.  In this call, you’ll have a chance to discuss everything you need to know about your cat.  You’ll then pay an adoption fee of £80.00, usually by bank transfer

•    Bringing your cat to your home.  Once this is finalised, we’ll arrange for a driver to bring your cat safely to your home.

•    Be supported.  You’ll receive a follow-up call or email around some days after the adoption to check that your new arrival is settled-in.  You can also find help and advice on the Cats Protection website at

All cats that come into our care undergo a full veterinary check-up, any conditions identified are treated, all adult cats are neutered (depending upon individual circumstances, kittens will be neutered before or after adoption) and both cats and kittens are vaccinated, treated for fleas, wormed and microchipped.  This treatment costs, on average, over £150 and we ask that adopters pay a fee of £80 to defray some of these costs.  In addition, before any cat is homed, one of our volunteers will discuss with the prospective adopter the cats and kittens available to ensure that the right cat goes to the right home.  A home visit by one of our volunteers may also be arranged.  When the cat or kitten is homed, it is covered by four weeks' free PetPlan insurance that can be continued by the adopter.

Age discrimination is illegal but, unfortunately, that doesn't extend to cats!  Please don’t discriminate; give a home to an older cat.

Please register your interest in homing any of the cats or kittens either by 'phoning our Local Helpline 0333 567 4746 or by email directly to register your interest and for information and updates on cats and kittens available.  If you email,please provide your telephone contact number and full address.  Alternatively, if you complete the form available below each cat's details, it will be forwarded to us by email.

If you would like to volunteer to help in the process of homing our cats, please see our Volunteer page.

Many cats will suit a variety of new homes.  However, where appropriate, we identify cats that require special consideration, such as those that would not be comfortable with children or other animals.  We sometimes have a pair of cats that need to be homed together and, when this is the case, it will be highlighted on their profiles.

We sometimes have feral 'undomesticated' cats that need to live outside in the wild, maybe in a garden shed or stable.  All they need is shelter and food/water.  For this they will reward you as champion mousers, ridding your garden or outhouse of mice and rats.  They are also good for people who like cats but don't necessarily want to have a cat indoors.  To watch a short video on feral cats, click here.  To find out more about our fine ferals, ring the Local Helpline on 0333 567 4746.

Please note
that, although we make every effort to ensure that the website is up-to-date, some of the cats shown may already have been adopted whilst others in our care may not yet have been placed on the site.

There are currently no cats available here.