Volunteering for the Lea Valley Branch is most rewarding.  Current volunteering possibilities are listed below.  Please call us on 0333 567 4746 or email: enquiries@leavalley.cats.org.uk to register your interest in any of the roles.

Please note that we do not have a cattery or centre where we keep cats; all cats in our care are kept in volunteer fosterers' private houses or in purpose-built pens in their gardens.  Accordingly, we are unable to offer part-time roles to those looking to volunteer caring for cats.

The nearest charity catteries or centres to our area are the RSPCA centres in Enfield (020 8366 3313) and South Ridge, near Potters Bar (0300 123 0704) and The Scratching Post in Waltham Abbey (01992 626110).


Feral Cat Trappers

Feral cats are often the offspring of stray or abandoned domestic cats and can be found living in urban and rural areas.  Cats Protection strives to control the number and size of feral colonies by what we call 'TNR'.  This involves:

    Trapping the cat(s) using humane trapping methods
    Neutering – taking the cat(s) to a local vet to be neutered
    Returning the cat(s) to their 'home' (or occasionally finding a suitable alternative)

the role includes:

    Working with members of the public who live near to feral colonies
    Working closely with vets to arrange neutering
    Working closely with other volunteers

If you can drive, have use of a car or van and enjoy meeting people and making a real difference to the lives of feral and stray cats, then please call us on 0333 567 4746 or email: enquiries@leavalley.cats.org.uk to register your interest.  Training and equipment will be provided and mileage costs can be reclaimed.
Shop Assistants / Donation Sorters

Although we are fortunate in having a splendid band of volunteers working in our 145 Chase Side, Enfield shop, we still need more people prepared to work half or full days (normally 10am - 4pm, Monday - Saturday; 11am - 3pm Sunday but, under Covid restrictions 11 - 3 Monday to Saturday), if only to cover for holidays and other absences from the norm.  In particular, we need volunteers who are prepared to work regularly on Saturdays.  If you are interested in working in our ‘Aladdin’s Cave’, or know of someone who is, then please call 0333 567 4746 or email: enfield.shopmanager@cats.org.uk.

Indoor Fosterers

We are still desperately seeking new indoor fosterers.  Some fosterers need time off for health or personal reasons, so we would be happy to consider “interim” fosterers.  You do not have to make a long-term commitment.  We ask you after each homed foster cat if you would like a break.  Please do consider seriously this wonderfully-rewarding, hands-on role.  It is so satisfying to care for and nurture a needy cat, and be a central part of the team in finding him/her a good home.  Full support is given throughout and all food, litter and equipment provided.  Vet bills are paid directly so there are no on-going costs to you and we are happy to refund mileage costs.  It is helpful to have transport of your own.  Please contact us on 0333 567 4746 or email: enquiries@leavalley.cats.org.uk.

Long-Term Fosterers

Provide a home for an older cat in our care.  These cats are always harder to home and we really need people who could care for a cat in its remaining months (or maybe years) of life.  Depending upon the cat, the branch could support you financially and practically.  If you want to make a real difference to older cats, then please call us on 0333 567 4746 or email: enquiries@leavalley.cats.org.uk to register your interest.