Lost & Found register

What to do if your cat is missing:

If your cat has gone missing then call the branch helpline on 01926 334849, or send us an email with the details of your cat and a photo if possible. Our email address is Enquiries@midwarwick.cats.org.uk

  • Check with your local vets and animal shelters, to see if they have any news. Talk to anyone who makes a delivery in the local area, postman, milkman, newspaper boy. Often the local paper will put an advert in for free.
  • If you have access to a computer make up some posters and display them in all the local shops, vets, schools etc. Also leaflet everyone in the surrounding area asking them to look in their sheds and garages.
    Notify local radio stations, police and the local council.
  • Keep calling your cat, even if they don't answer to their name, they will recognise your voice, gradually increase your area of search.
  • Above all, never give up. We often hear of cats turning up after amazing lengths of time. When you cat returns, if they have been missing for several days, it is a good idea to keep them in for a few days until they re-establish themselves.

What to do if you find a cat:

  • If you do think it is a genuine lost cat, try to establish the sex and age of the cat if possible. Also write down a description of the cat, colour, special distinguishing features and note if it has a collar with any identifying information attached. You will need these details when you report it to your local Cats Protection, RSPCA, animal shelter etc.
  • Please don't expect any of these organisations to fetch your found cat in straight away. Like us, most of them are usually full to capacity, and you may have to wait before a place can be found.
  • In the meantime please give the cat food and water and shelter from the elements. If you think it requires veterinary treatment please tell this to whoever you report it to.