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Active February for our Volunteers - Big Winter Roams

04 February 2024
Active February for our Volunteers - Big Winter Roams A few of our incredible volunteers are taking part in endurance activities this February!

Karen and Carole are both completing the Big Winter Roam by walking 50 miles in February. If you would like to sponser them in this endeavour - please remember, February is a short month - check out their links below:
Sponser Karen
Sponser Carole

Mark is going to run a marathon...
He's run 5k, 10k and half marathons but NEVER a full marathon. So in a fit of madness (and close study of the 16 week training plan), he has decided to run the Stratford Marathon. The redeeming feature of this moment of madness is that he is 'Running for the Cats' (or is that from the cats ?!! ). He has signed up to give any donations he manages to collect to Cats Protection. So here is the link to his Just Giving page if you would like to support him in his madcap cause.
Sponser Mark