Lost and Found

First of all, microchip your cat! If it gets lost, the two of you stand a much better chance of being reunited.

What to do if you find a cat

  • Check whether anyone new has moved into your area or if any of your neighbours have got a new pet
  • Write a description of the cat. Note its colour, any distinguishing features, and if possible its sex and approximate age
  • Contact all local animal wefare groups (Inc.Cats Protection!)  and local vets with details of the cat
  • Put up posters in local shops etc, post on Facebook and do a leaflet drop
  • If it is sick or injured take it to a vet

What to do if you lose a cat

  • Prepare a description of your cat noting its colour, sex and age. List any distinguishing features
  • Knock on doors and distribute leaflets asking people to check outbuildings and garages to make sure the cat is not shut inside. Cover a wide area; your cat may travel much further than you think
  • Put up posters in local shops etc
  • Post on Facebook
  • Contact all local animal welfare groups (inc Cats Protection) and vets to report your cat missing