Success Stories 2024

This section showcases a selection of the updates we have received from people who have adopted cats that were once in our care.

If you have adopted one of our cats and would like to feature in this section, please get in touch - all we need from you is a photo or two and an update on how your cat is doing.

We look forward to hearing from you - these cats will always have a special place in our hearts 


Please click on each cat's name for more information about how he/she has settled 
Nathan (May 2024)
Ezra (May 2024)
Willow (May 2024)
Lulu (Apr 2024)
Mary (Apr 2024)
Pablo (Apr 2024)
Chess (Mar 2024)
Scrabble (Mar 2024)
Theo (Mar 2024)
Effel (Mar 2024)
Matilda (Feb 2024)
Mabel (Jan 2024)
Luna and Lupin (Jan 2024)