Compulsory Microchipping of Cats

10 October 2019

Microchipping gives a lost cat the best chance of being reunited with its owner. Cats Protection is calling for the compulsory microchipping of owned cats. Across the UK almost a third of owned cats are not microchipped. Cats are independent and curious creatures – part of the reason we love them. But this means that they can end up lost, perhaps far from home. Microchipping is a safe and permanent way to identify a cat and the best way of ensuring lost...

Susan's Nine Mile Challenge

28 September 2019

Susan Hoskins and her husband adopted Luna (see below), from Cats Protection North Herts almost three years ago. Since then Susan has become a volunteer for the NHCP branch.On Friday 27th Sept Susan and her husband took part in the 9miles4cats challenge to raise funds for the cats & kittens in the care of North Herts CP and to help give them the chance to find happy and loving homes.Despite the most inclement conditions Susan and her husband completed the ...