Don't have kittens - we can help you get your cat(s) neutered at a significantly reduced cost!

Our Branch Co-ordinator explains.
“Summer time is kitten season and we always see a peak in the number of cats and kittens that come to us in the summer. Many of them are abandoned by owners who have found themselves with a pregnant cat because they didn’t neuter their pet. Often kittens are in a very poor state of health.”

Our volunteers care for the cats and kittens that are rescued. We nurse the sick ones back to health, vaccinate them and find them good homes. But the high number of kittens coming in at the moment is putting pressure on our resources.

North Hertfordshire resident cat owners can apply for neutering vouchers that contribute £25 for male cats and £40 for females. We can also provide free cat neutering for owners in the area on low incomes.

Our Co-ordinator continues,
“Getting your cat neutered is the only way to be sure of preventing unwanted kittens. It’s a very simple, safe procedure that doesn’t affect your cat’s health or enjoyment of life at all. Neutered cats are less likely to roam far from home, fight with other cats, spray or become aggressive. They also tend to be healthier (so there may be fewer vet bills) and live longer.”

If you would like to benefit from the scheme call the Helpline on 01438 228877, leave your full name and address, the names and ages of your cats and the name and address of your vet.

Vouchers are sent directly to the vet, so all you will have to do is contact them to make an appointment for the surgery.

Please be a responsible owner and have your cat neutered.