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Welcome to Cats Protection North Hertfordshire Branch

Cats Protection is the UK’s leading feline welfare charity.
Our vision is a world where every cat is treated with kindness and an understanding of its needs. 

We form part of Cats Protection, which is made up of local volunteer branches (like ours), support shops and adoption centres across the UK.  The North Hertfordshire Branch of Cats Protection formed in the year 2000. Our cats and kittens are health-checked, vaccinated, microchipped and neutered.

Cats Protection has simple and clear objectives to help cats:

Homing - Finding good homes for cats in need
Neutering - Supporting and encouraging the neutering of cats
Information - Improving people’s understanding of cats and their care 

We NEVER put a healthy cat to sleep and aim to find a loving home for every cat in our care no matter how long it takes.

The North Hertfordshire Branch covers a wide area for cat welfare (postcodes SG1 to SG7 and some areas of SG8) and we aim to help as many felines as we possibly can.  

We have a small team of fosterers, some with outdoor cat pens, others fostering indoors in a spare room or whole house foster if they have no other pets. We are only able to accommodate so many cats and kittens at any one time.

We are looking for further committed fosterers, both to accommodate outdoor and indoor as well as volunteers to help in all sorts of areas.

If you live in North Hertfordshire and would like to adopt a cat, become a fosterer, or have some time to spare to volunteer, take a look at those sections of the website and please do get in touch as we would love to hear from you!


You can find out more about the work of Cats Protection here

Cat adoption in North Hertfordshire

Could you provide a loving new home for a cat in North Hertfordshire? During the process of adopting a cat from us, we’ll consider everything from your potential pet’s personality and how this fits with your lifestyle, to your home environment – creating the perfect match for both cat and owner and the start of a wonderful feline friendship.

If you see a cat that you would like to adopt, please read our Adoption Procedure below first. We would appreciate if you could then EITHER give us a call on 01438 228877, enquire online or email us at If you do both, this will cause a delay in being contacted as it duplicates the number of enquiries we receive. Our Adoption Team leader or Home Visitor will then get in touch within 3 days by telephone or email.

You can find out more about adopting a cat from Cats Protection here

Adoption Procedure

  • Enquire. If you have found a cat on our website that you are interested in homing, send an enquiry through by telephoning us on 01438 228877 OR clicking on the ‘contact us’ button and one of our Home Visitors or Adoption Team Leader will be in contact with you. 
  • Home Visit.  You will be offered a face to face or virtual home visit so we can talk to you about cat care, look at the area where you live and give any advice needed.  Our Home Visitors will ask to see consent from your Landlord if you live in a rented property or if you own a leasehold property. 
  • Reserve your cat. Our Adoption Team Leader will be in contact with you to arrange for you to see the cat/kitten before you make a final decision to adopt.  Once you have made your decision, the cat/kitten you have chosen will be placed on reserve until the adoption paperwork and adoption fee have been received. We ask for reservations to be no longer than a week.
  • Adopt. Once you have reserved your cat/kitten, you can either complete the paperwork with the fosterer and pay the Fosterer the adoption fee by cash or cheque OR our Adoption Team Leader can send you the paperwork to sign by email or post.   We will also be able to accept payments direct into our Bank Account, but you will be not able to take your new family member home until the paperwork is in place and the adoption fee received. 

The adoption fee is £100 per adult cat and £120 per kitten up to the age of 6 months.  We are no longer offering discounts for a pair of cats/kittens or for elderly cats.

This Adoption Fee includes your new family member having had any necessary medical treatment, being neutered (either before they are homed or when they are old enough), microchipped and vaccinated.  You will also receive 4 weeks free Petplan Insurance as well as being provided with information when they have had their latest flea and worm treatment.  Please note that this Adoption Fee does not cover the cost of the cat whilst it has been in our care, but will help towards the costs we have spent. 

If you are able to give us a donation on top of paying the Adoption Fee, this will help towards the care and treatment of the next cat we take into our care. For any added donation, we would be grateful if you tick the Gift Aid box on the Adoption Form. This would also help neglected, unwanted, lost or stray cats in North Hertfordshire for the future.

  • Bringing your cat home. Once the paperwork and fee have been finalised, you can either collect your cat or kitten from the Fosterer’s home, or we can arrange for a driver to bring your cat safely to your home, as long as you live in our catchment area. 
  • Be supported. You will receive a follow-up call approximately a week after you have taken your new family member home and again at around 3 weeks to check that your new arrival has settled in. You can also find help and advice on the Cats Protection website at  


  • Adopting a kitten - Please note that we do not normally re-home kittens under 6 months of age to families with children under 5 years old. Also, when adopting a kitten from Cats Protection you must agree to get the kitten neutered at between 4 and 6 months of age.  If you or your family are out at work all day, we would prefer you to adopt a pair of kittens or a slightly older / adult cat or pair of cats. 
  • Existing pets in the home - We do not home any cats to homes where the existing pet(s) is(are) not up to date with their vaccinations as this could cause a potential risk of passing cat flu or other illnesses between the new and existing pet(s).
  • Busy roads - It is our policy not to place our cats in homes which are on, or close to, busy or main roads.  We would recommend an indoor cat in these circumstances. We do not home kittens as indoor only unless there is a medical reason to do so.
  • Free access via a catflap - Apart from cats who have special needs, we want all of our cats and kittens to go to homes where they will have free access to the outdoors where they can exhibit their natural behaviours. 
  • Our catchment area - To adopt from our Branch, you will generally need to live within our catchment area, which covers postcodes SG1 to SG7 and parts of SG8. If you live outside this area and are interested in a specific cat, please give us a call so we can arrange a virtual home visit or a face to face home visit by your local Branch/Centre.  However, if the distance is too great for the cat or kitten to travel we would refer you to your local Branch/Centre and suggest you home from them or a nearer Branch/Centre. 
  • Holidays - If you are going to be on holiday within 2 months of wanting to adopt, we would recommend you wait until you return.  Moving to a new home is stressful enough without their new family leaving them alone so soon after adoption.  They need to be fully settled before any changes are implemented.
  • Christmas - Our Branch is closed from around 15th to 17th December to 3rd or 4th January every year as it is our policy not to home cats or kittens during the festive period as this is normally the busiest time for families to get together and we do not encourage cats being given as presents.

Support Cats Protection North Hertfordshire Branch

None of our vital work would be possible without you. There are many ways you can be there for cats and kittens in North Hertfordshire.

Except for a discretionary grant from the National Cat Centre at the beginning of each year, our branch is completely self-funding.  The number of cats and kittens we can help is entirely dependent on how much money our fundraising team is able to raise, how many donations we receive, and how many people can volunteer their time to get involved.

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Donate now



Fundraise for us

Fundraise for us

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Other ways to give

Other ways to give

Fundraising events for cats in North Hertfordshire

Want to fundraise for cats in North Hertfordshire by taking part in one of our events? From summer fêtes to epic sporting challenges, we’d love to see you at one of our fundraising events soon. You can also check out the national Cats Protection events calendar here

Come and see us at the Baldock Car Boot Sale on Buntingford Road. We are there every Saturday (weather permitting) from 20 April 2024.
Members of the North Hertfordshire Branch are always out and about representing us. Attending one of our events is a great way to support our work, at the same time as enjoying the event itself!
If you could spare some time to help at any event, we'd be delighted to hear from you!  You can call us or email 

We are always in need of items to sell at our fundraising events, such as:
Good quality, clean bric-a-brac
Unwanted gifts

If you have any of this to donate, please just get in touch to arrange collection or drop off and please spread the word to friends, family and colleagues!

We are also now welcoming donations of clothing and electrical items for sale in our Cats Protection charity shop in Hitchin.  Ideally, they should be taken directly to the shop, however we can arrange collection if necessary.  

If you have donated to us, the North Herts Cats Protection cats in our care say THANK YOU!

Volunteer at Cats Protection North Hertfordshire Branch

Without volunteers, Cats Protection North Hertfordshire Branch simply wouldn't exist. Our amazing, friendly volunteers are a diverse group with a shared love of cats who fit volunteering around their home lives and personal commitments.

We're often looking to welcome new volunteers to join our brilliant team. As well as meeting great people and making an incredible difference to the cats of North Herts, you'll enjoy practical benefits such as discounted pet insurance. You can find out more about volunteering for Cats Protection here

Lost and found cats in North Hertfordshire

Have you lost or found a cat in North Hertfordshire? We’re here to help you.

Is your cat missing?

If your cat or kitten has gone missing, don't despair. Most return of their own accord, sometimes several days later. However, here are some steps you can take to try and help:

Look in...

  • all rooms
  • cupboards
  • boxes
  • household appliances, eg washing machines
  • sheds and garages
  • vehicles
  • gardens
  • hedgerows - watch for snares
  • lost and found section of your local newspaper  



  • our Facebook page
  • local schools, newspapers, radio
  • local noticeboards, including a recent photograph of your missing cat
  • offer a reward (although please be aware of scammers who say they are from your local vet or other charities asking for money)


  • the earlier you report your cat is missing, the more likely is that it will be found
  • when your cat does return, DO inform any organisations who have been asked to look for it

Have you found a cat?

If you've found a cat, and think it may be a stray, you might like to consider some or all of the following:

  • if the cat is looking thin and in poor condition, please feed it
  • if possible, take the cat to a vet who will check for a microchip, and you can ask if anyone has reported a similar cat missing
  • if no microchip is found, you could produce some small 'Cat Found' leaflets to be put in newsagents and distributed in the area it was found
  • Have a look on our Facebook page to see if any cats have been reported as missing, or publish your own post about the cat you have found.

Doing these things is often very successful in reuniting a cat with its owners and it is important that these procedures are carried out before Cats Protection takes the cat in for rehoming. Once we take in a cat, we must keep it for at least 14 days before we can rehome it.

Are you trying to rehome your cat?

Aside from Cats Protection (contact us on either 01438 228877, via our Facebook Page or email, there are several other organisations locally who may be able to help.  Please remember that at certain times of the year, all animal shelters get very full and can't always help immediately.  Here are some options to try:

National Animal Welfare Trust (previously known as Hula Animal Rescue) - 01908 584000
Wood Green Pets Charity - 0300 303 9333
Luna Animal Rescue 07970 800530
RSPCA Herts East 01462 433369 / 07500 967145
Battersea Dogs and Cats Home - 0800 001 4444
Blue Cross Kimpton - 0300 777 1844
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