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A Sunny 'Tail'

26 September 2017
A Sunny

You might remember the BBC news website story featuring a kitten rescued by firefighters from inside a wall in the Sun Hotel, Hitchin. A stray Mum had her kittens in the loft space and one of the kittens had wandered off and fallen through a hole. Hotel staff heard her plaintive cries and arranged the rescue. She was grubby but unharmed after being rescued, although plainly outraged and terrified.

Cat’s Protection left a cat trap with the hotel staff and the hunt was on to catch the rest of the kittens. The hotel staff were great, scaling the fire escape and rescuing the kittens before they could fall. One by one the kittens were caught and transported to a comfy kitten den with one of our fosterers. They were cold and very hungry when they arrived, but are now fed, flea’d/wormed, and super-cosy. We now have five beautiful kittens who will be looking for homes in a few weeks.

To our surprise the Mum cat had a microchip linked to a contact number. Her owners had lived near the Sun Hotel but moved away, losing one of their cats during the move. A year down the line they were living in Nottingham and had given up hope of ever seeing their cat again. The reunion took place at Berry House Vets in Hitchin, where the Mum cat had been spayed, flea’d/wormed and health checked. This little girl recognised her owner straight away, even after all this time, and she was whisked off back to Nottingham in a carrier.

A happy ending all round! With thanks to our brilliant North Herts Cats Protection branch volunteers who have been integral to the rescue mission (as well as to the kittens' ongoing care), the wonderful staff of the Sun Hotel in Hitchin and our friends at Berry House Vets in Hitchin.