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Cat of the Month, Jan 2017: Ernie

07 January 2017
Cat of the Month, Jan 2017: Ernie ** UPDATE - ERNIE HAS FOUND A HOME! **

His Story

Ernie has been through so much. He came to us as a stray with many problems: he had fleas, severe dental issues, was underweight, hyperthyroid, weak and very hungry. With some gentle love and care we were able to treat his mouth and removed all infected and horrible teeth leaving a grand total of five. We managed to get his thyroid under control and then performed a Bi-lateral thyroidectomy. Once these issues were under control he started to gain weight and although very hungry, still was able to enjoy his food without pain or discomfort. Unfortunately Ernie’s problems were not over; he was diagnosed with FIV followed by diabetes. FIV means Ernie must be an only and indoor cat (see our About FIV feature page for more information, and read a first-hand account of owning FIV cats from an FIV cat owner here). His diabetes requires an injection of insulin twice a day which may need to be altered depending on how he progresses and there is a chance of remission if managed correctly.

Why should you love Ernie

Despite the odds, Ernie has overcome so much and is a sweet, gentle and well-natured boy. He isn’t phased by what he has been through and just enjoys the simple things in life: good food, good company and a cosy bed to snuggle up in. Ernie hasn’t had the life or love he deserves and has earned the right to live out his final years in the comfort of a loving home. He doesn’t ask for much, just a family to love him and a warm meal or two.

Could you be that someone special to give Ernie the home he has been waiting for?  If you are interested in adopting Ernie, please call 01438 228877 for a chat or click the Contact link at the bottom of Ernie's page.  We will be very happy to talk you through everything you need to know and answer any questions you have. 

Don't delay - Ernie is waiting for you!