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Cat of the Month, Oct 2016: Leah

05 October 2016
Cat of the Month, Oct 2016: Leah

***UPDATE - LEAH HAS FOUND HER FOREVER HOME!  Thank you for all your enquiries***

Leah really wants a home!  October 2016 is the first month that we will be featuring a Cat of the Month for North Herts Cats Protection, to promote cats in our care that are eager to find the loving forever home they deserve.

Cat of the Month, Oct 2016: Leah

 Our Cat of the Month for October 2016 is...Leah!
The very lovely Leah came into our care in April 2016.  She was extremely nervous of us, and would cower in the back corner of her enclosure, hissing if we approached and resisting any contact from us with a swift swipe.  We took our time with Leah, and would sit in her enclosure but not force contact, and respectfully kept our distance.  She clearly needed to learn to trust that we would not harm her.

Leah when she first came into our care

Gradually, Leah started to change towards us. She would remain in her bed when we went near her rather than running to the back of her enclosure; she would allow us to tickle her under the chin; then she started...PURRING!  And, the ultimate gesture of trust, she starting rolling over next to us and baring her tummy. 

Leah now!
We provided her with a snuggle box (a simple cardboard box, lined with an offcut of carpet) which she loves, and being able to hide away may have helped her stress levels decrease, which may in turn have helped her to become less suspicious of us and more confident of our good intentions.

Leah in her snuggle box
Now, when we go to see her, she absolutely loves fuss.  She meows enthusiastically to the sound of our voices when we approach, and brushes up against the mesh of the door of her pen, inviting us to come and see her.  She enjoys being tickled at the back of her head and under her chin, and generally loves company.  She still likes being in control of the situation, so the key is just to let her come to you whilst building up that trust in her.  Here is the video of Leah now: 

Whilst still a little nervous and distrustful at times, this video shows that with time, patience and a lot of love, Leah will be won over by you, and will be a wonderful member of your family.
If you think you are that someone special who is happy to put in that little bit of patience and give gorgeous Leah the unconditional love she deserves, please get in touch today by calling 01438 228877 or via our online form by clicking on the 'Contact us about this cat' button at the bottom of Leah's details page for a no-obligation chat or to arrange a visit.

Leah is waiting for you!

***UPDATE - LEAH HAS FOUND HER FOREVER HOME!  Thank you for all your enquiries***