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Luther & Lupin - look how happy we are now!

06 March 2016
Luther & Lupin - look how happy we are now!

Some of the regular visitors to our pages may remember Mitzi's Tale from January 2014:  We recently heard from her two oldest kittens, and this is what they told us:

Our names are Lupin and Luther  - we are brother and sister and adopted our humans in 2014. They had had cats before of course - but not quite like us.  We were born in the wild and lived with our mum for a few weeks; we were mistreated by some youths and eventually captured by Cats Protection. Because we are semi-feral they had trouble rehoming us but as soon as we met our current hooms [humans] we knew that they were just right for us. As we have finally almost got our hooms trained we thought we’d share our stories: 

Lupin - I’m a real princess. When I first moved in here I was too scared to go outside even though there was a perfectly good cat flap. My brother would go off and play leaving me gazing out the window. Eventually I ventured outside and went over the fence into the park with my brother. He ran off and I couldn’t find my way back - three weeks I was living in the park having to catch my own food again. Eventually the hooms had the sense to hang my tunnel over the fence and I figured out where home was. I heard the man putting food out and appeared at the door - boy were they pleased to see me.  I now follow my hoom around everywhere; as soon as he sits down I occupy his lap.  He decided that I needed to go to the vet - I declined so he went alone.  I have a nice spot on a sheepskin rug in front of the fire where I can sleep  - though they sometimes take a bit of heavy hinting to switch the fire on. The hooms are very good and know that they can’t just go past me without a stroke and I like weekends when we can all have a cuddle together on the bed. I don’t like it when they go on holiday - when they get back I have to stay in and close all the time so they remember how gorgeous I am and make sure they don’t disappear again.  They arrange for us to be fed and looked after but it’s not the same as having your hooms on tap. The picture above is of me stretched out on hoom's lap so he can massage me. 


Luther - I am a panther in disguise.  I like playing with my toys and I will even take Dreamies out of her hand but I’m having none of this touching nonsense.  We do the occasional nose touch but they have learned I don’t like to be petted. I eat anything and everything - although I have my favourites, it’s good when they open a tin of tuna and share.  I’m really independent and finally got my sister to come and play with me.  She was a real pain - I think she was scared if we left the house they wouldn’t let us back in but I taught her eventually to use the cat flap and assured her that they’d be there when we got back.  They were but they nearly blew it when they went on holiday just after she started coming out and when they get back she’s a bit clingy to them.  Me I just hang around in the kitchen where I can keep an eye on the door in case they go again. I suppose eventually I’ll let them touch me but I am not ready yet.  This picture on the left is the closest I want to get yet.

This is both of us in our garden: