Neutering Vouchers

One of the main aims of Cats Protection is supporting and encouraging the neutering of cats.

To help with this aim we are able to provide people on benefits or low incomes with a voucher to help towards the cost of neutering your cat(s).

If you require a voucher, please email us at You will need to provide us with:

  • Your full name and address.
  • A contact telephone number.
  • A photo/scan of a document showing your benefit/low income eligibility.
  • The number of cats you require a voucher for and the sex of each cat.
  • An approximate age of each cat.
  • The name of your cat(s).
  • Where you got your cat(s) from (eg. shelter, breeder, stray etc.)
  • The vet in Sheffield you would like to visit to get your cat(s) neutered if you have a preference.

You can also call us on our number above.

We are also now trialling WhatsApp as a way to request your voucher. You can send all the required information to 07584888208 with your photo eligibility to request your voucher.

We will then be able to send out the voucher(s) to help you to get your cat neutered. The vouchers will give you £25 towards the cost of a male cat and £40 towards the cost of a female.