Adopt a cat

Every cat or kitten adopted from Cats Protection is:

  • Given a nose to tail full health check
  • Flea and worm treated
  • Vaccinated
  • Blood tested if necessary
  • Microchipped
  • Neutered, if not already done, or if a young kitten, in which case a free voucher will be supplied for later neutering
  • Insured for four weeks
As our veterinary and care costs average £150 for each cat, we charge an adoption fee of £80 for a kitten up to a year old, and £60 for a cat, less if a cat aged ten or over is adopted, or two adult cats at the same time.

A home check is carried out before meeting the cat you’re interested in, usually by the fosterer caring for him/her, to advise how best to make your home ready for the new arrival and ensure a positive experience for everyone.

If your home is rented, we need to see written permission from your landlord or Housing Association allowing you to have a cat in your property. This is as much to protect your tenancy agreement as to safeguard the cat’s future.

The cats in our care are with us through no fault of their own, usually due to changes in their owners’ lives and circumstances, which is why we try  to find them the best possible long term home.

Please note that to avoid disapointment and to comply with Cats Protection policy, we don't rehome kittens to homes with children under 5 years of age.

We – and our cats – would love to hear from you if you’ve a space on your sofa that needs occupying!

Call us      0345 371 2753

Please click the photo below to find out more about the adoption process:


A guide to our new hands-free homing process

We’re keen to help as many cats as possible, both during the current crisis and beyond. Offering our cats a home will help to free up more space to take in emergency cases.

We have put in extensive procedures to make sure that our homing process is in line with current government guidance, without putting adoptees or our volunteers at risk.     

Here is our guide to adopting a cat using hands-free homing

  • Check you are within a reasonable distance of your chosen branch. You can find your nearest branch by typing in your postcode at
  • Enquire. If you’ve found a cat on our website that you’re interested in homing, send an enquiry using our phone number 0345 371 2753
  • Reserve your cat. If you’re found to be a match for your chosen cat, you’ll be contacted via phone or email. You may be asked for proof of your address and the consent of your landlord (if you live in a rented property)
  • Adopt. Once you have reserved your cat, you’ll be sent paperwork to sign and you’ll make a further telephone appointment with our team. In this call, you’ll have a chance to discuss everything you need to know about your cat. You’ll then pay an adoption fee of £80 for a kitten up to a year old, or £60 for a cat, less if a cat aged ten or over is adopted, or two adult cats at the same time, usually by bank transfer
  • Bringing your cat home. Once this is finalised, we’ll arrange for a driver to bring your cat safely to your home
  • Be supported. You’ll receive a follow-up call or email around three, seven and 21 days after the adoption to check that your new arrival is settled in. You can also find help and advice on the Cats Protection website at