Easy Fundraising

Hi Again Everyone

Liz Anstey here.


This month I was planning to put on some ‘Coffee and Cake’ sessions during the rest of March and April – so that I could invite many of you along to find out more about how ‘Easyfundraising.org’ works BUT, Coronavirus has put paid to all that!!

So, instead, I thought that you might like to see just how easy it is to raise funds for Cats Protection Plymouth, by having a look at some of the companies I have bought items from – online - during the last month and how much each company has donated – on my behalf – without it costing me a dime!!

I have set out below a list of some of the companies, how much I spent, and how much each company donated following each purchase:

with absolutely NO COST TO ME!

You will notice that each company donates a different percentage: with some donating up to 4% of the total spend:

Company                               Spend                           Donation

                                                £                                   £

Create and Craft:                   32.38                              2.43

Pets at Home:                        33.19                              0.33

Zooplus:                                77.55                              1.16

Holland & Barrett:                   31.29                              1.47

Ideal World:                           14.99                              1.12

Hermes:                                  6.49                              0.09

Boots.com:                             13.00                              0.13

The Works:                              6.00                              0.45

Cotton Traders:                       18.33                             0.46


SO just from those purchases – which I would have made anyway, with or without the existence of Easyfundraising.org, I have raised £7.64 for Cats Protection Plymouth – without it costing me a single penny…..and without very much effort as well!!

If you want to try it out, go to: www.easyfundraising.org.uk/cpplymouth, sign up (no bank details required!), and get started!

Thank you all for your help.