We have a number of volunteer vacancies at present, some of which take only two or three hours every couple of weeks. Below are some ideas.

  • Fund raising
  • General administrative/support tasks
  • Publicity and communications

For more information please email volunteer@reading.cats.org.uk with some details of your skills and the type of work that you might be interested in.

Helpline Vacancies

We are looking for Volunteers to help on our helpline

The main responsibility of a Help Liner is to receive and answer calls made to the branch during an allotted period of duty, usually one half day per week.

This is done from your own home; your number is never displayed to the callers. You take down information from callers and pass it onto other volunteers for handling.

You must have email, be able to complete a basic Word document and have a printer

For more information please contact Marian at info@reading.cats.org.uk with some details