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Walter's story

20 August 2019

Just three months ago Walter was found injured and abandoned in a garden in Southampton and was reported to Cats Protection. Poor Walter was suffering with what could have been severe burns, most likely caused by acid or fire or aburst abcess. 

Southampton Branch Coordinator at Cats protection, Carolyne Kemp, said: “I went along with another volunteer and we managed to get him into a basket, he was an un-neutered and unbelievably he was micro chipped. But sadly, when we contacted the owners they didn't want to know.

“With the help of the RSPCA, who went around to the owner’s property and issued letters saying they were seizing Walter due to neglect, he was taken into our care at Southampton Cats Protection. We were able to give him the treatment, love and affection he needed.” 

In a short space of time Walter has been lucky enough to find a new home with a family who adore him.

New owner, Annette Howlette, said: “Sadly one of my cats passed away recently, so I had been looking around to adopt someone new into the family. As soon as I saw Walter I felt drawn towards him; he had clearly been through so much and I wanted to give him a good home. 

“Since taking him into our care, Walter has blossomed. His little personality has come out and it’s been wonderful to see; even his fur has become beautiful and glossy. He has really settled into the family and we are so grateful that we found him.”