Local and National Cat News

We are always looking for interesting stories about cats in our local community to include on our news page; if you have a story that you would like us to tell us about, please contact us

Walter's story

20 August 2019

Just three months ago Walter was found injured and abandoned in a garden in Southampton and was reported to Cats Protection. Poor Walter was suffering with what could have been severe burns, most likely caused by acid or fire or aburst abcess. Southampton Branch Coordinator at Cats protection, Carolyne Kemp, said: “I went along with another volunteer and we managed to get him into a basket, he was an un-neutered and unbelievably he was micro chipped. But sadly, when we contacted the ...

Daves Story

27 September 2017

This is a story about Dave, a semi feral cat and his remarkable journey. Earlier in the year, we had a report come in about a stray/semi feral cat from a lovely lady who wanted to give this cat a home as she was moving soon and didn't want to leave him behind to fend for himself. We managed to trap the cat after a few nights and it turns out he was not microchipped or neutered. We did advertise for owners but none came forward sadly. He was a little rough around the edges but the lady loved ...