What we do

At Southampton Cats Protection we foster cats and kittens in our own homes. We have a waiting list and when a foster space becomes available, we take in and re-home cats from anyone who can no longer keep their pets, we also rescue and if necessary, rehabilitate stray cats and kittens.

What services do Southampton Cats Protection offer?

  • We offer a Home to Home service, putting you in touch with potential new owners if you have to rehome your cat;

  • We can help feral colonies by lending traps and assisting with neutering costs;

  • We operate a lost and found register;

  • We promote responsible cat ownership by offering non veterinary advice on cat care;

  • We have a team of fundraisers who raise money, which helps fund the the services we provide.

  • We offer educational talks at clubs, schools etc which can be tailored to any age group