I have found a cat, what should I do?

If you've found a cat, please check the lost section on our website if you cannot see the cat you have found then please contact the Southampton Cat Protection and we will add them to the found section on our website.


You might also consider some or all of the following:

  • If the cat is hungry, please feed it.
  • If possible, take the cat to a vet who will check for a microchip, and you can ask if anyone has reported a similar cat missing.
  • If no microchip is found, you could produce some small "Cat Found" leaflets to be put in newsagents and distributed in the area it was found.
  • Register the cat on www.petfinderonline.co.uk and www.animalsearchuk.com. Both of these websites are FREE.

Doing these things is often very successful in reuniting a cat with its owners and it is important that these procedures are carried out before Cats Protection takes the cat in for re-homing. Once we take in a cat, we must keep it for at least seven days before we can re-home it.