My cat has gone missing, what should I do?

Lost Your Cat ?

Losing your Cat can be a worrying and traumatic time. Firstly, check our facebook group to see if your cat is listed as found.

We advise the following;

1.) Ask neighbours to check sheds, garages, gardens and any outbuildings.
2.) Poster the area or put leaflets through doors, or both.
3.) Call your cat when it is quiet, whilst shaking some biscuits. Have their favourite treats/ wet food with you. Stop & listen incase they are trapped somewhere.
4.) Scatter any of their used litter in your garden, along with any hoover contents you have. Put any of their bedding or your unwashed clothes on a washing line if possible.
5.) Post on Facebook with as much detail as possible. This should include the area they're missing from, a photo of the cat, if they are chipped and/or neutered. Your can post on the Southampton Cats Protection page, and a group called 'Lost & Found Pets Southampton'.
6.) If your cat is microchipped please inform the microchip company that your cat is missing. It is also a good time to check your contact details are up to date.
7.) Inform local vets, emergency vets & rescues.
8.) If your cat is not neutered or microchipped extend your search.
9.) Is your cat known to visit other houses? Has a neighbour recently gone away or not been seen for a while? Could they be trapped in their house?
10.) Have you or your neighbours had any recent deliveries? Could they have jumped in a vehicle?