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Could You Sponsor a Cat?

17 August 2023
Could You Sponsor a Cat?

For as little as £1.38 per week, sponsoring a cat pen is a great way to help provide cats in our care with shelter, food, warmth, medical care, and the love they need.  It also makes a lovely gift for a fellow cat lover in your life.  Simply visit https://www.cats.org.uk/swirlbr to choose a cat and the pen you would like to sponsor.  The chosen branch will receive 100% of your sponsorship.

Once you’ve signed up, you’ll receive a fantastic welcome pack with a personalised certificate, your first photo introducing you to the lovely cat you are helping to care for in your pen, a photo album to collect pictures of all the cats you help, and a window sticker.

Throughout your sponsorship we’ll keep you updated with regular newsletters including photos, videos, stories, and sponsorship news. You’ll also get access the sponsor area on our website where you can find more information.

However you choose to support us, we are very grateful, thank you!