Adopting from Cats Protection

Thinking about offering a home to a Cats Protection cat or kitten?

One of Cats Protection's main objectives is to find good homes for cats in need, and we want to make sure that the cat or kitten coming into your life is the right cat for you, your family, your lifestyle and your plans for the future.

Cats need to be re-homed for a variety of different reasons. Some of these cats are in the care of our dedicated team of fosterers, others are still with their owners, but all are seeking a permanent new home and a new family to call their own. 

We follow a set procedure when homing cats. If you feel you are ready for the commitment of adopting a cat please read the information below.

HOME VISIT – everyone offering a home to one of our cats or kittens will receive a home visit from one of our team. Our meeting at your home will be arranged to suit you and will be carried out as soon as possible after your initial enquiry. If this sounds daunting, then please don’t worry, it's all part of us working together to ensure you and your cat can relax and enjoy getting to know each other. We also promise owners that hand their cats iover to Cats Protection for re-homing, that we will personally visit each home before placing a cat there.

We’re not interested in your housekeeping skills – the visit just helps us to understand your home environment so we can match it to what we know about the cats in our care. The term “home check” has people running around doing their dusting and fluffing up their cushions before the inspector arrives! That is not the purpose of a home visit at all! The main purpose is to make sure that the cat is going to be placed in a suitable home that will provide a comfortable environment with people who will care for him properly. Also to provide adopters with a cat that suits their lifestyle. These visits are just an opportunity for us to ensure that you are adopting the right sort of cat for your particular household. For instance, shy or nervous cats may not be suited to a family with small children or other pets. Please remember - we are not there to judge the size or cleanliness of your home - just the level of commitment you are prepared to give your new family member.

During the visit our home checker will ask you some questions about your family circumstances – not because she’s nosy - but because this will help her determine which cat might be the best fit. For instance, some of them have been bullied by other cats or dogs in their previous home so need to be homed as an ‘only cat’ while kittens need attention so must be with a family where they will have company for most of the day. Many older cats will be happy to be left on their own without any supervision whilst you are at work as long as they have a safe place to eat & sleep and have adequate toilet arrangements. Some cats love going outside and so need a garden while others barely put a paw through a cat flap. This all helps us ensure that the right cat goes to the right home.

Your home visit is also your best opportunity to talk through any queries you, and your family, may have about taking on a rescue cat. If you have not had a cat before, your home visitor can talk you through, feeding, vaccinating and health issues and anything else that you need to know, none of us are veterinary experts but we have picked up some general hints and tips through our rescue work and we like to pass some of that knowledge on. Even the most experienced cat owners may benefit from a few “insider” tips so to speak.

Most home visits only take thirty minutes or so, and if all is okay, we can then send you along to meet and choose your new feline companion/s. You may already be interested in a particular cat or are open to ideas as to which cat might be most suitable for you.

Rented accommodation - if you live in rented accommodation we need to see your landlord’s written permission to say you can have a cat.

MEETING OUR CATS - we do not own any physical premises; the cats are looked after by individual volunteers in their homes and your home visitor will give you the details of the fosterer looking after the cat so that you can make arrangements to go and meet him or her. If you do not have a suitable cat already in mind we give you the contact details of one or more fosterers who may have the most suitable cat for you.

If you then decide you would like to adopt the cat, arrangements can be made with the fosterer for you to collect your new member of the family. Alternatively they can be delivered to your home by one of our team.

ADOPTION FEE - there are a few forms to be filled in and we do ask that on the day you adopt your chosen cat or kitten you pay an adoption fee of £75 for each cat or kitten. This goes towards the cost involved in caring for your cat whilst it was in our care.

By the time your cat or kitten is ready for his new home, he will have been treated to our minimum veterinary standards, meaning he will have been fully examined by a veterinary surgeon, fully vaccinated  against flu and enteritis, treated against fleas, tapeworm and roundworm, microchipped and neutered (kittens will be neutered post adoption, when they are old enough). We also offer a 'safety net' guarantee that we will take the cat back into our care during the first 6 months post adoption - as soon as a fosterer is available.

We spend somewhere in the region of £150 on each cat in our care, plus the cost of day to day expenses such as food and litter. This gives you the reassurance of knowing that your pet is in the best possible condition to start its new life with all these important costs already covered. Obviously, if you’d like to make a larger donation to support our work, we’d be delighted.

AFTERCARE - We’ll keep in touch for the first few months to see how the cat is settling in and you are always welcome to call us with any problems or questions. We’re happy to help and we love to know how our cats are getting on.

After looking at the cats on our website and hearing their stories, we hope you may feel inspired to offer one of them a home. We have some wonderful cats all hoping for a new home and we know you won’t regret it. However much our fosterers love the cats in their care, they will tell you that seeing them go off to a fresh start in a loving, new home is the most satisfying feeling in the world. It’s what we’re here for and it makes the hard work worthwhile.

Double Delight! - what could be better than giving a loving home to a cat? The only thing we can think would be to give a home to two cats! A lot of cats in need of a new home are lifelong friends that would be happier staying together. When that is the case it will be highlighted in their profiles.

A pair of cats is perfect for people at work most of the day as they can keep each other company and for younger pairs they keep each other entertained whilst you are busy. With two cats you get twice the personality and double the fun!

In Praise of Older Cats - if you are thinking of giving a cat a home do consider the gentle and loving older cats that need a second chance for a happy home. Sometimes they get overlooked in favour of kittens and younger cats, but they really do have great benefits of their own! These Senior Kittizens are usually very loving as they are used to living in a home environment and receiving lots of love and attention from a previous owner. Cats regularly live into their twenties so a cat of 10 years or over may only be halfway through its life. Golden Oldies still have lots to offer a new owner so please do not dismiss these cats purely on age.

An older cat can make the most perfect, loving companion for the right person and an older cat is usually so grateful to have found its forever home. Read more about the benefits of adopting a Golden Oldie.

NON-FOSTERED ADOPTION - not all the cats featured in the Gallery are in our care. As a small branch without a shelter we can only take in a limited number of cats and always have a waiting list, due to the branch's small number of fosterers. However the branch will actively assist anyone needing to rehome their cat via its 'direct homing' service, whereby we act as a go-between for people needing to find a new home for their cat

The current owner continues to look after the cat until an adoption takes place. We feature the cat on our website and will provide as much information as we have available, but can make no claim to accurate knowledge of the cat, its health, vaccination status, if it is neutered, etc.
Normal adoption donation fees do not apply but if either the current or new owner wishes to make a donation for our help this would be appreciated.  Please be aware that if you adopt a direct home cat and things do not work out we cannot bring the cat into care, we can only offer you the home-from-home service as outlined here. Therefore, please be sure it is the right cat for you before committing to adoption as it is up to the potential adopter to liaise directly with the current carer to decide if the cat is suited to its possible new home. See our 'Direct Home' cats here.