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Please read the following important information about Direct Homing before scrolling down the page

Not all the cats featured on our website are in our care. As a small branch without a shelter we can only place a limited number of cats with our fosterers. This means we always have a waiting list. However, our branch can actively assist anyone needing to rehome their cat through our Direct Homing service, where we act as the go-between for people needing a new home for their cat.  
Eligibility for Direct Homing: Please note we are only able to offer our Direct Homing service to neutered cats. Should you require support or financial assistance please refer to Help With Neutering or Contact Us and we will be happy to answer any questions or queries.

How does it work?
The cat's owner continues to look after the cat until an adoption takes place. We feature the cat's profile on our website and social media channels, providing as much information as we can from what we are given. We make no claim to first-hand knowledge of these cats including their health, vaccination status, suitability for a particular home or whether they are neutered. All rehoming arrangements are between the current and prospective owners including transporting cats to or from owners.  

A note on safety
: As you'll be meeting your prospective new cat or kitten in their existing home, we'd advise taking someone else with you and/or letting someone know where you’re going and when.

Will it cost me anything?

Normal donation fees do not apply with Direct Home cats and we do not expect there to be any fees charged by current owners for adopting their cat(s), we are simply helping them to find a new owner. However, if either the existing or new owner wish to give us a donation in the event of a successful adoption, we would be very grateful.   

If you adopt a direct-homing cat and things do not work out we are unable to bring the cat into our care and can only offer you the service outlined here. Please ensure your choice of cat is right for you before committing to adoption, as it is up to the potential adopter to liaise directly with the current owner when deciding if a cat will be suited to its prospective new home.

How do I get in touch?
If you're interested in any of our Direct Home cats, please use the Contact Us form or Private Message us through Facebook and one of the team can put you in touch with the current owner.

Scroll down to see who we have available under Direct Homing:

We are urgently looking for a new home for these two lovely boys whose owner can sadly no longer look after them.  Both boys are friendly and have been neutered.  We will arrange microchipping before adoption. 
Tabby & White cat is 12 years old and Ginger & White cat is 8 years old.  Outdoor access would be required.  If you think you can offer fthese two lovely boys a home, please get in touch


Betsy is a very vocal cat, who craves attention. But on her terms! She doesn't like new people or children so best in a child free home. She is very small and slim, so she is a lovely dinky lady.

Very affectionate and she loves a chat when you come home every day. Also loves a game of fetch!
Can you offer this 'classy bird' a new home??

Let’s hear it for those senior cats! 👏 Meet Roxy who, due to a change of circumstances, is seeking a special retirement home to live out the rest of her days in comfort. Roxy is an older lady at approximately 15+ years (possibly a bit older) and is sadly deaf. Roxy can be a little shy and timid but, given time, is affectionate. She is an indoor/outdoor cat and likes to spend her days snoozing and pottering about. Roxy is neutered and microchipped, but her vaccinations would need bringing up to date. Ideally suited to a quiet home with no children and no other pets. Can you offer this senior lady a new home?
🐾 Meet lovely CHARLIE who is looking for a new home. Charlie will be 9 in May, is neutered, microchipped and vaccinated. He can be a little timid at first but comes around with time. He has been around children at times but has not been with other animals. Looking for a home with access to outside.

🐾 Beautiful LUNA is a 3 year old tabby mix who is neutered. She is looking for a new home with access to outside, due to not getting along with the other resident cat which is causing her stress and leading to over grooming. For this reason she needs to be an only cat. She would need a microchip and also her vaccinations bringing up to date. Her current owner says: “Luna is really well behaved and happy to use an unlidded litter tray. She loves children and has been brought up around kids aged 7-17. She has also been used to living with dogs but would be best if they were perhaps a little older so they wouldn’t chase her or bother her, as she does sometimes react to them being in her personal space”. Can you help Luna find her new stress free home where she can get back to being herself?

🐈‍⬛ 🎶 We “Heard It Through The Grapevine…” that very handsome MARVIN is looking for a new home. “Mercy, Mercy Me”, Marvin is a beautiful boy who’s about 3 years old. He is friendly and likes to be around people. “How Sweet It Is” that he is already is microchipped, neutered, and vaccinated. He enjoys access to the outside, so would not be suitable as an indoor only cat. Ready for a new Soulmate? Can you help Marvin find his new groove?