How we Speak Up for Cats

Below are the ways that Cats Protection works to give animals a voice. This will continue into the future as CP’s new strategy will see an increased focus on both neutering and its information and education work

Eurogroup for Animals Event in the European Parliament Peter Hepburn, Chief Executive of Cats Protection, called for action for pets at a recent Eurogroup for Animals’ event in the European Parliament - Peter explained that although millions of cats and dogs are well-cared for, sadly, too many are still seen as purely a source of income, being used solely for breeding for commercial trading

Neutering campaigns Cats Protection champions neutering as this is the best way to ensure there will be fewer unwanted felines in the future.. We seek to dispel myths, spread the neutering message and make it easier for owners on low incomes to get their cats neutered. Neutering is to have a greater focus as the charity goes forward

Manifesto priorities Our charity released a list of 10 proposed manifesto priorities that, if delivered, would make a huge impact on the lives of the nation's eight million pet cats and an estimated two million strays and ferals. The charity asked pet owners, veterinary professionals and animal lovers to contribute their views in a public consultation as it prepared its 'Cat Manifesto' ahead of last year's general election

Gumtree - Stop Allowing Pets for Sale Cats Protection’s petition got over 24,502 signatures asking for advertising animals to be banned on the free advertising site Gumtree It is one of the few major websites that still allows people to post adverts for animals

Dangerous Dogs Legislation - one step closer to cat-friendly law The charity welcomed the Government’s proposal to amend the law on dangerous dogs to cover dog attacks that injure a protected animal, which would include cats, Jacqui Cuff, Cats Protection’s Advocacy Manager issued the following statement: “We hope that Defra and the Home Office will review this issue and take the opportunity to give cats more effective protection from dog attacks under proposed criminal law covering dangerous dogs and anti-social behaviour.

Animal welfare and the national curriculum Cats Protection asked supporters to contact their local MP seeking his/her support to have animal welfare included in the new draft curriculum in primary schools

speaking up for catsPlease contact our Head Office at with as much detail as possible if you have experienced any of the following in the last 12 months:

  • a cat you purchased that was poorly or sold to you under eight weeks of age
  • a cat attacked and injured by a dog
  • a cat caught in a snare
  • a cat shot with an air gun
  • a cat poisoned by contact with cut lilies 

This information is vital to support our work. Together we can help create a better world for cats. Thank you to everyone who has helped so far

Read Cats Protection's Strategy leaflet 'Moving Forward Together'; outlining our work in the longer term to ensure that there will be fewer cats needing our help