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Mature Moggies week

13 November 2017
Mature Moggies week Welcome to Mature Moggies week (13th to 19th November)

This week we're all about our wonderful sendion Kitizens.  Did you know that it takes older cats more than twice as long as younger cats to find homes.

However old (or young!) your cat is,you can find great cat care advice suited to your cat's age at: www.cats.org.uk/maturemoggies.

Kittens are cute - but older cats make fantastic pets too!  If you're looking for a chilled out lap cat with heaps of love to give, a senior kitizen coud be the purrfect puss for you

Have you got an older cat?  You'll find lots of tips to keep your senior kitizen happy and healthy: www.cats.org.uk/maturemoggies