Why gifts in wills matter

By remembering Cats Protection in your will you could help us make a better life for even more cats for years to come. More than half of the cats we help are cared for thanks to the kindness of people who remember us in this way.

By leaving a gift in your will you can help change the lives of thousands of cats and kittens for years to come.

Without the kindness of people who remember Cats Protection in their wills we would not be the charity we are today.

Above all, we rely on gifts in wills to help us keep that special promise that underpins all of our vital work: that we will never put a healthy cat to sleep

Working locally all over the UK

A gift in your will could make a real difference to cats in your local area and help provide the necessary resources for our volunteers to carry on their vital work. These special gifts have helped fund everything from starting the centres themselves, to improving crucial equipment such as cat pens and vans and providing essential resources such as food and veterinary attention.

How to leave a gift in your will
Anyone can leave a gift to Cats Protection and every single gift, no matter how large or small, genuinely makes a huge difference to the lives of the cats and kittens we help. Without this generosity we simply wouldn’t be able to carry out much of our day to day work.

If you would like more information about remembering Cats Protection in your will you can request our free Gifts in wills booklet, which you can either download or receive by post.

Many people who register with our Cat Guardians service also choose to remember Cats Protection in their will, as a result of the time and effort we are willing to exert to secure the welfare of their cats. These gifts are vital to us, as more than half of the work we do to help cats and kittens throughout the UK is funded by this incredible generosity.