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Educating cat owners and future cat owners about cat welfare is extremely important to us but it’s not just about ensuring cats are well looked after.  Our education programmes aim to ensure youngsters in particular grow up understanding animals, how to meet their needs and ultimately learn to respect them.  While the younger generation is key to these aims we make sure adult groups are included in our objectives as well. 

Free Education Talks

Did you know that Cats Protection offers free talks to all ages and groups that cover a range of different topics including general cat care, cat behaviour, communication and body language?
Talks are available to all ages and groups e.g. 3 to 18 year-old students, Brownies, Beavers and Community Groups etc.  We also offer talks to adults and special interest groups.

Our talks are fun, interactive and informative and can be customised to suit your group or curriculum requirements.

To find out more and download our free teaching resources please visit our web site;

We also supply free goody bags so book your talk today!
Please contact Sarah, your local Community Education Officer on;

Mobile: 07814 223901  

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