Our Fosterers

Sheila feeding kitten


We have highly dedicated and trained fosterers looking after cats in outdoor pens and a specialist kitten fosterer.  Each pen can only house up to three cats from the same household; we never put stranger cats together so as to avoid stress, injury or risk of disease transmission.

All our pens comply with the Feline Advisory Bureau’s standards for space and accommodation.

Our fosterers must attend regular training courses to keep up to date with animal behaviour issues, infectious diseases, cleaning/disinfecting regimes and the special needs of pregnant females and very young kittens.

Typically, fosterers may spend a couple of hours a day looking after their charges, not only cleaning and disinfecting their pens to prevent the spread of disease but also sitting and playing with them and getting to know their individual characters.  This means that the fosterers are able to discuss the cats in their care with a potential adopter and will try to ensure a particular cat is matched as far as possible to the environment it is to be rehomed to.

Kitten fosterers often have to look after very young abandoned or orphaned kittens which means two to three hourly feeds throughout the day and night (we very often have a very tired fosterer!).  Kitten fosterers will ensure that all kittens are litter trained and have been introduced to household noises and routines.  Once their immune systems are strong enough the kittens will be handled by several people so that they become used to being picked up by different people (vital when taking them to the vets!)

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