Lost and Found

Contact: Stroud Cat Protection Lost and Found 07773535260

Cats are less likely to go missing if they are neutered and kept in during the hours of darkness.

If your cat is missing:

Thoroughly check your property, all rooms, cupboards, boxes, household appliances, sheds, garages and vehicles.
Check gardens, bushes - a torch is useful at night.
Put some posters up locally, place in shops, garages and post offices.
Ask locally if anyone has seen your cat.
Contact local veterinary practices. Contact us, your local Cats Protection branch. We need to know colour, sex, age, if microchipped, if wearing a collar, identifying features and date last seen.
Please email or post us a photo if possible.
Contact other agencies/animal charities.

If you find a cat:

Ensure the cat is indeed lost!

If the cat is friendly and in good condition it may belong to someone and Cats Protection can provide a strong paper collar so that the owner is alerted to the fact that their cat is straying. Please ask for one when reporting the found cat.
Ask neighbours if their cat is missing.
Put up posters locally.
Ascertain if possible the sex of the cat and estimate its age. Take note of the cat's colour and whether it has  a collar.
If possible take it to a vet to see if it has a microchip.
Notify vets, Cats Protection and other agencies.
Please offer the cat food and water and some shelter until help arrives.
Our Branch is often full to capacity and we can always place details of the cat on our website but can rarely collect a cat immediately.