Adopt a cat

We are continuing to rehome cats using our 'Hands Free' homing process. These are extensive procedures that enable carefully controlled rehoming without putting people at risk of infection and without a negative impact on cat welfare.  Therefore, we cannot guarantee that you will be able to adopt a cat at this time but we will continue to ensure that all our cats are matched with potential owners who are able to provide the environment and lifestyle required by each cat’s individual needs. Where more than one home is on offer then all other things being equal the home closest to Swindon will be given priority.

Please think very carefully before deciding to give a home to a cat or kitten as owning a pet is a long-term commitment.

Whilst we all adore the sight of a cute little ball of fur, kittens require lots of attention and an inquisitive kitten is likely to get into mischief if he/she gets bored whilst you are out - you may return home to find that he/she has caused damage to your furniture or has been climbing your curtains in your absence!  If you are interested in giving a kitten a home, please contact us as we may have kittens looking for homes.

On the other hand, older cats can be quieter and generally more sensible than kittens or young cats. They tend to be used to household life, know the ground rules of living with people and are more content to spend their time watching the world go by. With adult and older cats their characters tend to be more evident allowing you to select a cat that suits your lifestyle. Many will be happy just wandering around the garden and are less inclined to roam around the neighbourhood for long periods of time.
All our cats/kittens available for re-homing are:

  • Neutered (applies also to kittens over 5/6 months),
  • Fully health-checked,
  • Microchipped,
  • Vaccinated, and
  • Fully flea and worm treated.
The expense of the above often amounts to approximately £200 per cat plus the cost of day-to-day expenses such as food and litter. However we are only asking an adoption fee of £80 to help cover these costs.

When enquiring about a cat's availablity (using the 'Contact Us About This Cat' button within each cat's listing below) we'd be grateful if you could also let us know which vet you have used most recently for your previous and/or current cat(s).