What we do


Cats Protection is the world’s largest feline welfare charity with over 250 volunteer branches and 29 adoption centres across the country, plus the Sussex-based National Cat Centre.


Cats Protection has 3 main aims.

  • To encourage neutering of all cats and kittens. In the case of feral cats/kittens they would be neutered and returned to where they were originally found or alternatively relocated to an appropriate rural area such as a farm or stables.
  • To rescue and re-home cats and kittens of all ages. Cats and kittens are rescued and re-homed for many different reasons. They may be: unwanted due to personal allergies or as a result of the owner moving home/abroad; without homes due to the hospitalisation or the death of their owner; found lost or straying; or simply abandoned.   
Additionally some owners may be finding they are experiencing issues with their cat that they do not know how to deal with and are reluctantly considering whether to ask Cats Protection to take their beloved cat from them and to find it a new home. This should be very much a last resort. Before contacting us please do read our Thinking about Giving up a Cat? webpage and our Essential Guides as they may well be able to help you to overcome or reduce these issues so that your cat can stay with its loving family.

  • To inform the public on cat care. This includes answering any questions they may have which is also an important part of our work. Cat care leaflets can be obtained from our Essential Guides section.