How to adopt a cat

First of all it is important that ALL members of the household are consulted and agree to adopt a cat. This is a big decision for a family to take as this pet may be with you for perhaps 20 years if it is a kitten and your home circumstances will certainly change during that time.

Consider the costs involved. All our cats are already microchipped, vaccinated and flea and worm treated when they leave us. They will need a booster vaccination each year until they are at least over 8 years old to keep them safe from infections and diseases. They will need to be worm and flea treated regularly for their comfort as well as yours. There may also be costs involved in boarding when you go on holiday. This is all in addition to food and litter and of course all the little extras that owners love to buy their pets!

When you have seriously considered all these factors, then decide on the right type of cat for you. Remember kittens grow very quickly and within a year, will be young cats. We also find that young children and young kittens are not really a good combination although it does depend on the circumstances. If you want a cat as a companion to sit on your lap, then consider an older cat who will be happy to do that all day!

Most cats like to have access to  the outdoors but we do get cats who would be happy to be indoor cats. This applies particularly to those cats with certain health problems, such as FIV, or they may be particularly timid. Also you may live near a very busy road or in an upstairs flat so it is safer for the cat to live indoors.

It is important to get the right cat to suit your household. This is why it is Cat Protection policy always to make a home visit to all prospective adopters. For more information about Home Visits, please see our Feature page "Having a Home Visit". This gives everyone the opportunity to discuss their needs to make sure everyone will be happy with the choice of cat. Please DON'T FORGET - we are a rescue organisation not a cat supermarket and we can only home the cats that we rescue. It does make things easier if you can approach us with an open mind and not a long shopping list of your requirements!

Once you have had a successful home visit, we will give you the contact details of the fosterer/s who are looking after our cats. All our cats are kept outdoors in well heated individual units with a bedroom and a little run attached. Remember that we are all volunteers and these units are situated in the fosterer's gardens. They may have jobs and family commitments so please remember that is is not always convenient to visit and ALWAYS necessary to make an appointment to see the cats.

The fosterers know their cats well and will be able to give you full information about the personality of each one to help guide you. They can also give advice on their feeding and any health problems.

Once you have chosen your cat, we do ask for an adoption fee of £ 80 to help towards our expenses. Of course, if you feel you could also give us extra as a donation, we would be most grateful. Looking after these cats, particularly those brought to us injured or unwell, can cost hundreds of pounds in vet bills and we always make sure they are in the best health possible before they leave us.


Even when you have got your cat home and safely settled, we are still here to help. If you need any advice or reassurance, we are only a phone call away. We are always really pleased to hear from families who have taken our cats and in fact have a Success Stories page where we can put photos and a little story of how they are settling down.

If you have any other queries or concerns regarding adoption, please do not hesitate to contact us using the Contact Us page through this website, by email at, by phone on 07972 658 387 or by completing our Register Cat Adoption Interest form, which can also be downloaded by clicking on the Cat Adoption Interest link in the How you Can Help box below. If you would like to submit the questionnaire online, please click on the Enable Editing button at the top of page one, save the completed form and send it to us as an attachment to an email.
Any other non-adoption or general enquiries should be directed to 01797 366 379  or .