Lost and Found


If your cat or kitten has gone missing, don't despair. Most return of their own accord, sometimes several days later. However, here are some steps you can take to try and help. Although it is now a bit late, please see our article on "KEEPING YOUR CAT SAFE" for some handy tips.


All rooms
Household appliances, eg washing machines
Sheds and garages
Vehicles (particularly under the bonnet)
Hedgerows - watch for snares
Lost and Found Section of your local newspaper
Walk around the area and call your cat


Local veterinary surgeons particularly if your cat is microchipped as they are able to scan stray cats
Local schools - if you have a school nearby children are observant regarding animals
Local rescue centres such as Cats Protection, RSPCA, Blue Cross, etc in case your cat is handed in
The cleansing department of your local council
Your postman or milkman or any delivery people who cover your area
Websites such as AnimalRescue.uk / rescuedb / MyMoggy.com / Petsearch UK etc or any others you find


Posters on trees, distribute leaflets to shops, Post Offices, garages
Local schools, newspapers, radio
Local notice boards, including a recent photo of your missing cat
Offer a reward - this can be helpful but don't specify any particular amount. "Reward Offered" is enough.


The earlier you report your cat is missing, the more likely that it will be found although missing cats are generally not reported to rescue organisations such as ourselves until it is obvious to someone that it is lost or a stray.
When your cat does return, DON'T FORGET to inform any organisation you have asked to look for it.