FIV cats make great indoor pets

Cats with FIV make ideal indoor pets and Cats Protection's Anglia Coastal branch is appealing to all would-be-cat owners to give a loving indoor-only home to a cat with the Feline Immunodeficiency Virus.  

FIV is a virus in cats that is similar to the human HIV virus. However, FIV does not infect humans. FIV-positive cats and kittens can make fabulous indoor pets and the Anglia Coastal Branch is keen to point out that these cats have plenty to offer a new owner.  FIV-positive cats can make fabulous companions as they remain indoors, close to their owner, and are particularly suited to flats and houses without gardens, particularly if you have a house on a busy main road where it would not be possible to have a cat that needs to go outside.

FIV-positive cats can lead normal lives and remain healthy for many years.  Keeping FIV-positive cats indoors, which also recudes their risk of spreading infection to other cats, lowers their chance of succumbing to other infectious diseases, to which they may be more susceptible. As medical advances are made, FIV-positive cats can now have longer life spans than previously expected.

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