Volunteers for fostering urgently required.

This would involve fostering felines on a short term basis, either in cat pens in your garden or a designated spare room in your house. People would visit to re-home a cat from you. All pens, food, litter and electricity are provided by the branch. Our fosterers work to strict guidelines; the pens are kept spotlessly clean, while the cats are fed and watered regularly, and stimulated with a selection of toys and some human company whenever possible.

This is real hands-on cat welfare work. If you are caring and committed, please contact us on the Helpline number 0345 3714202 (Mon - Fri 8.30 am - 6 pm, Sat 9 am - 3 pm) or from the Contact Us page for more information.


Please be aware of the dangers of your cat wearing an incorrect collar

12 March 2023

We do understand why most caring pet owners would want their cat to wear a collar, knowing that whilst they are out exploring, should anything happen to them, then the owner can be contacted because the cat is wearing a collar and ID tag. However, the branch would like to issue a warning to pet owners about the potential dangers that some collars can pose to cats. We apologise for the graphic nature of the following photo,...