Home to Home

Cats available for adoption, not under the care of Aberystwyth Cats Protection.

These cats are not subject to our veterinary standards, homing checks or adoption fee, any transfer of ownership will be a private agreement between yourself and the current owner. We cannot vouch for the temperament or health of the cats listed, we are simply advertising on behalf of a third party or whilst they await a foster home.


He is a very friendly loving boy, he loves his food (especially tuna) he likes cuddles and playing with toys. 
Likes to be in a calm and quiet surrounding. He is almost 2 years old has been neutured, and flea and wormed. 

Please contact us on 01970 822120 for more information.


Tally is a sweet and loving little boy of around 4 years of age who loves a fuss and lap time. He is rather shy however and his new owner would need to be an experienced owner who has the time and patience to gain his trust and get him settled into his new home. Tally hides away from anything he is unsure of so would need a quiet home with no other pets or young children. He would be ideally suited to a rural home if he is to venture outdoors or a home where he can be indoors only. This would be so he wouldn't get spooked by a busy environment and end up being lost and unable to find his way home again which could possibly be why he has ended up in my care in the first place. 

Tally has been neutered and will be fully vaccinated and microchipped ready for his new home. He will also have his teeth cleaned before he goes to new owners. A home check will be necessary to ensure Tally gets the safe and loving home that he deserves.

Please contact us on 01970 822120 for more information.


Ruby is a loving cat with a playful side and she's great with children. Shes a great hunter and has been spayed.
She would be a great friend for a family with no other pets or a lot of land so she can still use her wild side.

Please contact us on 01970 822120 for more information.


Swift is a friendly, confident, playful two-year-old who was born without a tail. She is lovely with other cats, dogs, children and anyone who happens to visit will inevitably end up with her on their lap or sometimes even their shoulder! She is not much bigger than a kitten but has a rather plump belly as she’s always first in the queue for food. 

Her tailless condition sadly means that she hassome incontinence issues and often passes urine while she’s asleep. She also sometimes doesn’t realise when she needs to wee and it will surprise her wherever she happens to be. The family who she is with at the moment absolutely adore her, but because she is kept primarily in the kitchen diner she occasionally has accidents on food preparation areas and they have come to the sad decision that they can’t manage her long-term. 

Swift would make a friendly farm cat or an absolutely wonderful companion for someone who can manage her incontinence issues. She is well used to wearing a body suit and size 3 nappies for time inside on soft furnishings, but if she is kept in a nappy for too much time she gets sore. 

Can anyone offer this lovely cat a home? Please contact us on 01970 822120 for more information.