Home to Home

Cats available for adoption, not under the care of Aberystwyth Cats Protection.

These cats are not subject to our veterinary standards, homing checks or adoption fee, any transfer of ownership will be a private agreement between yourself and the current owner. We cannot vouch for the temperament or health of the cats listed, we are simply advertising on behalf of a third party or whilst they await a foster home.

For information on any of the cats listed below please call us on 01970 822120 or email adoption@aberystwyth.cats.org.uk

Older Lady

This lovely savvy old lady still loves people and yearns their company even though it was people that dumped her and left to starve to death.
She loves dogs but feels threatened by cats otherwise I would have adopted her in a heart beat myself. She’s had to live in my warm clean garage for the last 6 months and to allay her loneliness I take her on my daily dog walk and carry her! If there’s anyone out there that can give her a better home than my lonely garage, please call me. I can arrange transport for a truly loving and permanent home for her.

Kitty Cat

Kitty cat is a 6 year old neutered male cat who would like a new home due to bereavement. He is friendly, companionable and is used to living with a cat friendly dog. He is not used to other cats so either needs to be the only cat in the household or to be sensitively introduced to another cat. He needs to live in a rural location away from cars so that he can safely explore.

Tortoiseshell Cat

This beautiful tortoiseshell cat is looking for a new home. She is very friendly with people and dogs but would prefer to be the only cat in the household. She is about 2 yrs old, neutered, microchipped and litter trained. If you could offer this lovely girl a home then please contact us

Black Kitten

This beautiful black kitten is looking for a new home. He was born in June 2019 and is very playful, cheeky and full of life. He is neutered, micro chipped and is litter trained. If you could give this lovely boy a new home where he can spend his days playing with you and exploring then please call


Seren is a small black and white female cat of 10 years old, she is neutered and has been regularly flea and worm treated. Seren has found herself down on her luck and after 9 years of living peacefully with lots of outside space to roam in and a peaceful environment her world turned upside down this past year. She moved house and there is no garden, a main road and loud unpredictable teenagers. The new neighbours change regularly with the holiday season and they bring unknown dogs. She is not happy at all and has been providing protest pees when she never did this before the move. She is tolerant of other cats if they are friendly and has lived with a young pup which she ignored and wasn't really enamoured with his attentions but she didn't lash out. Please could someone offer Seren a safe calm home away from children and main roads where she can safely explore.