Lost and Found

To report a lost or found cat please call us on 01970822120 or email lostandfound@aberystwyth.cats.org.uk

My cat has gone missing, what should I do?

- Search first. Check small spaces – everywhere from cosy cupboards to garden sheds, garages and outbuildings
- Make your neighbours aware your cat is missing. Ask them to check their property, sheds and garages
- Speak to your local Cats Protection branch.
- If your cat is microchipped, talk to Petlog on 0844 4633 999 to register your cat missing
- Register the details of your cat at www.animalsearch.co.uk
- Contact the RSPCA helpline on 0300 1234 999 (UK)
- Contact all vet practices in the area
- Speak to your local council’s Environmental Health Department
- Make and put up flyers to place around the local area
- Post a picture and description of your cat on your own Facebook page, as well as the Animal Search UK and CatAware pages
- Try leaving your cat’s belongings in the garden to entice them: bedding, favourite toys and tasty treats like tuna might lure them out of their hiding place
- Go out at night with a friend or family member to search for your cat. Cats are generally more active at night, especially during hotter weather

Don’t give up! Cats are often reunited with their owners, sometimes years after they have gone missing. If you need more help, call our Helpline Team on 03000 12 12 or email helpline@cats.org.uk

I have found a cat, what should I do?

- Ask your neighbours if they recognise the cat, there might be someone in the local area frantically searching for their lost pet
- Consider the cat’s health. If they are sick or injured, call the RSPCA on its emergency number 0300 1234 999
- Check the cat for identification in case it has a collar or tags. If there are no visible signs, take the cat to your local veterinary clinic or Cats Protection branch to be scanned for a microchip
- Check local newspapers and listings as well as Facebook community groups in case the cat has been listed missing. Posting a photo and brief description on the following pages may be helpful:
• www.facebook.com/Catsprotection • www.facebook.com/AnimalSearchUK • www.facebook.com/CatAwareFriends
- Post a tweet on Twitter with a description of the cat and ask your followers to retweet; you’ll reach a larger number of people this way

- Download our poster pack of printable posters to advertise that you’ve found a cat. Put them up in local areas and on community noticeboards
- Ask our Helpline team if they can send you some paper collars or download them from our web site – these are designed to put on the cat with your contact details, asking people to get in touch if the cat belongs to them
- If you can’t find an owner, our volunteers will do their best to locate an owner and if one can’t be found, they’ll find a loving home for them.