Stamp and coin collections

Stamp Collection - Please save your used stamps!

One of our new fund raising ventures is used stamp collecting – just the run of the mill, everyday stamps that we all get several times a week can be turned in to money.

Ideally stamps should be torn or cut from the envelope leaving at least half an inch of paper around the entire edge. Anything closer and the stamp loses its value. Torn or disfigured stamps are of no use.

Any stamp has value, but the more unusual ones will earn extra for us. For example, the Post Office recently issued everyday stamps depicting Beatles albums covers. These didn’t cost any more than the face value of the postage, but they are more valuable to collectors, just like the Christmas versions that we see every year. If you buy this type whenever possible, rather than the single colour plain stamps, it puts more unusual ones into circulation, and hopefully more of these will find their way back to us! Foreign stamps are especially welcome.

So start collecting - If you work in an office, think about getting some sort of collection going. The more stamps we collect, the more money we have to spend on cat and kitten welfare so it is all for a good cause!


Foreign Coins

Do you have any unwanted currency tucked away in the back of a draw? Have you ever thought about donating it to a good cause?

We can convert it into English currency to help towards caring for our cats and kittens!

We now go abroad at all times of the year - so please consider at the end of every trip - your purse or wallet is home to an interesting collection of foreign coins. Please donate spare foreign money to raise vital funds to help the huge number of unwanted and abandoned cats and kittens.

Many people return from holiday with coins which tend to sit forgotten at the back of a drawer. By bringing them in to us, we can exchange them for sterling and the money raised will be vital in giving local cats a second chance in life.


When you have a reasonable amount collected, please hand them in to us at any of our fund raising events, or ring us on 01970 822120 to arrange collection.