What we do

We are a small branch on the Ardnamurchan Peninsula, 50 miles west of Fort William. We have just a few willing helpers to cover a large area.

Since our formation in 1999 we have homed and neutered many cats, and dealt with several ferals, which are numerous in our area. As there is a distance of 20 miles between the co ordinator, secretary and treasurer, communication is mostly by phone. We also cover the Isle of Mull

The aims of Cats Protection are:-

To rescue stray and unwanted cats, and to rehome where possible

To encourage neutering, to prevent unwanted kittens.

To inform the public on the care of cats.

About Cats Protection

There are over 6,000 volunteers and staff across the UK

In 2005 we helped 140,000 cats and kittens

60,000 were rehomed and 15,700 ferals were given a brighter future