Adopt a cat

Please take a look at some of the beautiful felines we currently have in our care. For general information on the rehoming process please ring Sue on: 711101 or 07773 341463 or email:

Take a look at the 'What we do'page as this explains the homing process from start to finish. All the cats in our care have been health checked, neutered, microchipped, wormed, deflead. We also pay for vaccinations of cat flu and enteritis. There is an adoption fee to pay for each cat or kitten. 

They are also insured with Pet Plan for the first four weeks and we are also responsible for them the first weeks they are settling into their new home.

If any of our cats have pre-existing health issues, we as a branch will continue to pay a large percentage towards their care throughout their life.

Please consider adopting one of the cats who have been in our care for quite some time. Grandad Sooty is one of our cats that seems to always get overlooked. He has been waiting patiently for a new family to adopt him...could it be you?

Have you also considered adopting one of our 'Golden Oldie' cats? These are mature mogs who also get overlooked. Senior Kitizens make fantastic pets. For more information on why you should adopt a Golden Oldie Click Here!!

Are you looking for an indoor cat to have as a companion? Then an FIV cat could be just right.  Cats that come into our care who are FIV positive are nearly always overlooked. Just mentioning that a kitty has FIV sounds scary to you right? Well actually no, it really isn't anything to worry about. FIV cats are perfectly healthy and can live just as long as a cat that hasn't got FIV. The only difference is that they would need to live with other FIV cats or as a single indoor house cat. If you are looking for a feline companion to have as a house cat then an FIV cat would be purrrfectt for you! For more information on cats with FIV click here

Some of the cats in our care may not yet be on our website. If you are looking for a feline companion, please contact us on 07773 341 463