Lost and Found


At Cats Protection we understand how traumatic it can be when a much-loved pet suddenly goes missing.  Follow the advice in this information section to aid your chances of finding him / her safe and well. To see the lost and found cats featured on this page, please scroll to the bottom.
Cats are well known for their curiosity and ability to find unlikely sleeping places, so check the following places: 

  • All rooms
  • Cupboards
  • Boxes
  • Household appliances like washing machines
  • Sheds and garages
  • Vehicles
  • Gardens
  • Hedgerows
  • Lost and Found sections of local newspapers

There are several ways of letting people know that your feline friend is missing:

  • Put posters on trees and lamp posts
  • Distribute leaflets to local shops, garages and post offices
  • Contact local schools, newspapers and even the radio
  • Use local notice boards including a recent photo of your cat

You can also let individuals and organisations know - don't underestimate the power of word of mouth:

  • Neighbours
  • Local veterinary surgeons
  • Local Cats Protection branches
  • Local RSPCA
  • Local PDSA
  • Missing Pets Bureau
  • Pet search UK
  • Animal Search UK
  • The cleansing department of your local council
  • Delivery people - milk men, post etc.

If you decide to do this, it could be claimed on your insurance policy depending on your insurance provider. A reward offer may be covered in your policy.

Please remember that the earlier you report your cat as missing, the more likely it is that they will be found.
Also observe the following considerations:

  • When your cat is found please inform any people or authorities who have been asked to look for him.
  • Cats Protection also recommends that all cats are micro chipped and neutered. Un-neutered toms are more likely to roam and un-neutered queens are known for finding quiet places to give birth, therefore increasing the chances that they could become lost.
  • Let us know if you have recently been reunited with your cat so we can update our details and put a short story on our website.

If you have lost your beloved cat and would like us to advertise them on our website then please email a photo along with the information outlined below to helencatsprotection@yahoo.co.uk

  • The date and area your cat went missing
  • Age and name of your cat
  • Any distinguishing features
  • Whether it was wearing a collar
  • Whether it is microchipped or neutered
  • Contact telephone number

If you don't want your number on the web page we will put our contact details on. Please still provide a telephone number though so we can contact you should we need to.

If you have found a cat or kitten that you think may be stray, please email us at helencatsprotection@yahoo.co.uk with details of where the cat was found and if possible please provide a photo. If you are able to handle the cat easily it would be very useful if you could take it to your local vets and check whether the cat is chipped. This won't cost you anything and will help us to reunite the cat with its owner. If you have found a stray cat that is injured or sick - please ring us on 01942 711101 or 07773341463.

We would like to let the general public know that we are only legally allowed to pick up a stray cat if it is injured or sick.

We have a scheme in place where we are able to send out paper collars to any member of the public who finds a stray cat that is not injured or sick. These collars are placed around the cat with a contact phone number on. If the cat does have a home, this will allow its owners to ring us and confirm the cat is not a stray.

We must tell you that these collars are very safe for the cats as they are only made out of paper. If you would like to obtain some of our paper collars, please email us at helencatsprotection@yahoo.co.uk.