What we do

Atherton & Wigan Cats Protection is one of a network of over 250 volunteer run branches covering the UK.
We were founded in 1983 and are a very active branch with lots of supporters, cat fosterers and fund raisers.

Our main objectives are:

  • to find good homes for stray and unwanted cats and kittens
  • to support and encourage the neutering of cats
  • to improve people's understanding of cats and their care

At Cats Protection we never put a healthy cat to sleep.

Click on the link below to watch a must see video charting the charity's progression from The Cats Protection League to Cats Protection!...Click Here


So you are thinking of adopting a cat?

This is what we do:

We carry out a pre adoption home visit to have a chat about the most suitable cat for you, perhaps an older cat, younger cat or kitten and if this is the first time you have adopted a cat we can give you advice on caring for your new arrival and what items you may need to obtain. 

We ask that on the day you adopt your chosen cat or kitten you please pay an adoption fee of £50 for each cat or kitten (£75 for a pedigree cat or kitten) to Cats Protection towards the cost involved in caring for your cat whilst it was in our care.

We then invite you to look on our website to view the cats presently in our care and we also give you the contact details of one or more fosterers who may have the most suitable cat for you. We do ask that you consider one of our older cats who may have been in our care for some time but unfortunately always get overlooked. An older cat can make the most perfect, loving companion for the right person and an older cat is usually so grateful to have found its forever home.

When you have chosen your feline friend and the day arrives for you to collect your cat, we ask that you bring a suitable pet carrier with a nice warm blanket inside to make your cat more comfortable on its journey home with you. You will be informed what food your cat has been used to, which should be continued to prevent an upset tummy.

The cat will have been treated against  fleas and worms, microchipped and usually vaccinated prior to homing and neutered. There will be adoption forms for you to sign with a copy to take away.

   We thought you may like to see where our rescue cats live while they are in our
   care awaiting their new homes. Here are a couple of pictures of our brand new
Or the Hilton Hotel for pussy cats as we like to call  
them...Aren't they just lovely?  

All the pens are fully heated, lit and some even have music to keep the cats company


Feral Colonies

Atherton and Wigan Cats Protection also do a lot of work with cats born wild. We believe they deserve a chance of a good life like all the domestic cats that come into our care. We have a lot of farmers in our area who regularly take our feral cats from us and we would like to thank them for this.

If any farmers or anyone knowing people with farms  could please give our feral cats a home (they are great mousers!) could they please phone Carole on 01942 888693. Any farmers requiring food for their feral cats can contact Sue on 01942 711101.


As we are only a small branch of Cats Protection we are not always able to accomodate peoples requests to rehome their cats. If you have a cat that needs rehoming we may be able to help by advertising it on our website, while it is still in your care. If you would like us to do this please email helencatsprotection@yahoo.co.uk for more details.