New branch neuters 13 feral cats in the first 3 days since launch!

10 September 2020

We may have only opened the doors of our new branch on the 7th September 2020, but it didn't stop us from hitting the ground running!Our new branch has successfully trapped, neutered and returned 13 feral cats in only our first 3 days from 7th - 9th, clearing two colony locations off our list - one in a city centre and rural farm colony.Here's to many more! -------------------------------------------------Do you (or someone...

Cats Protection Ballymena Branch - Officially Open!

07 September 2020

7th Sept 2020: The day has come, the Cats Protection Ballymena Branch is now officially open for business! 🎉🥳 We are primarily a neutering branch - we can currently offer assistance in the form of Trap Neuter Return (TNR) of unowned stray or feral cats 🐈 This is a free charity service to prevent the unnecessary suffering and overpopulation of unowned cats. So, if you are a feeder of a stray or feral cat/colony of cats around Ballymena and are in need of ...