Amazon Wishlist

If you would like to purchase some gifts for our branch and the cats/kittens in our care, you can do so via our amazon wishlist here!

Here we update whenever we are in need of items such as food, litter, toys, kitten milk formula etc. - all items purchased on our list go directly to our branch. 

Why do we need these items?

  • To feed and fill the litter trays of cats in our care (whether they are in for homing, or feral/stray cats only temporarily in our care recovering post-surgery)
  • To bait our traps during our Trap Neuter Return (TNR) efforts 
  • Certain items are kept sealed and on hand for emergencies, such as Royal Canin Kitten Milk Formula or BabyCat Kitten Weaning Mousse

Thank you to anyone who purchases a gift for our branch, we truly appreciated it (and so do all the hungry bellies!)