Neutering Volunteer

We are seeking neutering volunteers at this time, to assist specifically with unowned, stray, friendly cats - this role will not involve work with feral cats or Trap Neuter Return. 

Unfortunately thousands of cats each year across the UK are lost, or are found straying/abandoned, and rely on charities like Cats Protection for help. We cannot realistically remove and rehoming every single stray cat immediately, but what we can do for unclaimed stray cats is neuter them while they are waiting on rehoming waiting lists - ensuring they are healthy, and unable to produce unwanted kittens to further problems. Cats Protection provides low cost neutering for unowned stray cats, and encourages those who find stray cats to take them to a vet themselves if no owner is found - however it sometimes isn't possible for people to do this for various reasons, and they need a bit of extra help to get them to a vet for neutering. That's where you come in! 
When a stray, friendly cat is reported to us our lost and found volunteer is their first point of contact. They will provide advice to those who have found a stray, take down details and attempt to advertise and find the cat's home. We love it when we can reunite a cat with their owners - but unfortunately, sometimes this isn't possible due to abandonment or other unfortunate circumstances. If the cat's finder cannot or will not get the cat to a vet for neutering themselves, this is where our Neutering Volunteers come in!  

What would I be doing? 
As a Neutering Volunteer, our lost and found will inform you if they have been unable to locate an owner for a friendly stray cat within our stray policy wait time. If the finder cannot or will not take them to a vet themselves, that's where you come in! 

In this role, you may be asked to: 

- Microchip scan a friendly stray or help to attach paper collars, to aid our lost and found efforts (if the finder cannot/will not do this themselves)
- Collect and transport a friendly stray cat to the vets, as well as collect them again to return them (if the finder cannot/will not do this themselves)
- In the event we are taking a stray cat you have been helping into our care, you may help transport them to their fosterer volunteer
- Provide advice and assistance in regard to safe rehoming, and getting the stray onto waiting lists for rehoming after neutering
- Provide advice on general cat care, and provide one-off care packages when needed (subject to surplus food donations availability)

Full training, equipment and expenses is provided - including mileage when using your own vehicle. Our volunteers should never be out of pocket! 

What do I need to become a Neutering Volunteer 

- At least 18 years of age.

- A full driving license held for at least 1 year, and access to your own vehicle.

- A passion for cats! Though you don't need to be a cat whizz, all training is provided. 

- A little time to spare: As this role is for friendly, stray cats this is a quite flexible role. However, it should be noted that vets generally only neuter on weekdays, when it comes to aiding stray cats to the vets. Whatever time you can spare, we greatly appreciate it! 

Interested? 🐱
If interested, please email to arrange a chat and obtain a volunteer application form. Our branch covers the BT41-44 area, and the BT51-57 area.