Trap Neuter Return (TNR) Volunteer

Unfortunately thousands of cats each year are abandoned or have strayed and rely on charities like Cats Protection for help. Becoming a TNR volunteer is one way you can make a real difference to cats in your local area. Our TNR volunteers help reduce the number of feral cats by raising awareness of our TNR programmes, setting humane traps to safely capture cats, taking them to local vets to be neutered, and hopefully returning them back to their territory. Local TNR programmes are crucial, as feral and abandoned cats present a huge challenge for communities across the UK.

Do you want to help cats? 🐱🐈

Would you love to volunteer in the thick of the action, often the first point of contact for a cat in need? 😎

Then our North Antrim and Glens branch needs you!

Our branch's primary focus will be on neutering - and we are recruiting Trap Neuter Return (TNR) volunteers! 

Our branch covers the BT41-44 area, and the BT51-57 area. 

What does Trap Neuter Return entail? 
TNR volunteers will travel to sites where feral/stray cat neutering assistance has been requested and will use specialized equipment for the trapping of these cats.

Once trapped, the volunteer transports them to the vets where the cats under anesthetic receive neutering, 1st vaccination, flea/worm treatment, general health check and 'ear tipping' (which indicates a feral/stray cat as neutered). They may also have minor injuries treated before release.

They then recover for 12-24 hours, before being released back to the site - happier, healthier and unburdened by kittens for the rest of their days!

For those who wish to volunteer in or near the Ballymena area, access to Cats Protection vans for use during TNR is possible (rather than using your own vehicle), and our equipment is stored at the home of some of our volunteers - so no storage is required at your own home if preferred.

For those too far from this central storage location, you would need access to your own vehicle and a little space to store your equipment, but mileage expenses are provided for this own vehicle use.

Why should I become a TNR volunteer? 
Did you know that a single female cat can have 18+ kittens in a single year - and these kittens can breed as early as 4 months of age!?

This can lead to rapid escalation, and the more cats there are the harder it becomes for them to survive.

Every TNR volunteer, even if you are only able to give up a little of your time, can make an incredible difference in tackling feral/stray overpopulation and preventing the unnecessary suffering of cats and kittens - you could be the one directly responsible for changing a feral cat's life for the better, and turning a colony into a healthy and stable environment! There is no greater feeling.

Interested? 🐱
Full training and support will be provided by the branch, and you would be partnered with an experienced trapper to get you on your feet initially. 

If you have any questions about the TNR volunteering experience, please feel free to get in contact at the details below.

We are more than happy to chat about trap neuter return, it is our passion after all!

Colin - 


Please note: TNR volunteers must be at least 18 years of age. Volunteers expenses will be covered by the branch - no Cats Protection volunteer will ever be left out of pocket from volunteering. 

Want to learn more about feral cats and neutering? 💡,the%20cat%20is%20under%20anaesthetic